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Access Control in 2018 – What you need to know

Access Control in 2018: What you need to know

This year saw controversies regarding security. As security systems become more and more sophisticated, the risk becomes higher and higher. Controlling access to your homes, or business has become necessary and has become the primary step of security. Access can mean authorization to use or consume a protected good. It can also provide control. If you run a business, or if you have intellectual property, in times of rampant data stealing, they also need security. So what are the things that you need to know about security? The first step is access control. And we will discuss more this aspect of security.

What are the kinds of access control systems?

The first kind of access control system is the physical access control. This is the general term physical barriers to access, an example of this are locks and guards.

There was a time in history when a key is the only way to protect valuable goods or properties. However, there is a huge challenge with this system – they are also operated by humans. Keys can get lost. Security guards are paid by expensive salaries. These problems make them not an entirely smart choice for businesses.

The second kind of access control system is the technological access control. This type of access control has replaced or modified the traditional physical systems. Most of the examples of this system are controlled electronically. The need to have guards is eliminated.

Some of the most commonly used for of technological access control are the following:

  • access cards and card readers
  • control access keypads
  • biometric locks
  • key fobs
  • electric lock hardware

The above-mentioned types of security have been increasingly used by businesses and even by homeowners.

Access control using smartphones

With the advent of mobile technology, the ability to remotely control access using a smartphone app has contributed to the sophistication and difficulty that the technological access control systems offer.

Access Control Devices: a 2018 trend

The type of access control device needed for security depends on the complexity of the system. However, there are currently three basic access control devices in the market.

Basic readers

In this access control device, the user can gain access by entering a personal identification number into a keypad. If the number entered the number which was set up for security, it will trigger the door to unlock and give the user access. For the most part, the system only gives access to the code and could not determine who entered the code.

Semi-intelligent readers

An example of this type of system is the doors which accept a card which is then relayed to the main control for a positive identification or a response. Usually, this system has everything needed in order to control a door, including access to a lock, a magnetic door contact, and an exit button but it requires a person to enter the access to the controller. This system does not also give access based on who is trying to gain access.

Intelligent readers

This access control system takes the technology to another level. It takes semi-intelligent readers and connects it to a computer. The computer is tasked to integrate access information, track the user’s time, signature and other activities. This system is ideal for use in homes.

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