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Access Control Solutions for Security in Business

Strictly controlling access to commercial premises, businesses and single-family homes is essential to ensure the protection of people and property against possible intrusions. Among the most recommended options offered by the sector are access control systems with radiofrequency, proximity, PIN code and fingerprint technology, along with other tried and tested systems.

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Specifically, the business security sector involves several factors, among them access control, which plays a fundamental role. The use of identifiers, the coordination of the team responsible for monitoring video surveillance cameras or even security alarms may be ineffective if the access control setup used does not respond to the needs of the building/facility.

The 6 best access control solutions in the commercial security sector

 Keypad access

Simple, traditional and reliable, keypad access by PIN code may initially appear somewhat outmoded, but its efficiency lies precisely in its simplicity, as it does not require external identifiers. The closing mechanism is released when users enter the correct PIN, and vice versa. The Fermax keypad system also allows administrators to easily modify the access codes, so they can be renewed regularly, for greater protection of any company and its employees.

The effectiveness of access control by keypad lies in its simplicity,
as it requires no external identifiers

Proximity access

Another of the most efficient allies in security for businesses is access control by proximity, a convenient way to enter and exit the premises. This technology, which can be applied to a wide spectrum of sectors, uses a specific card that can be comfortably transported in a bag or backpack and which activates the access when a few centimetres from the panel. For greater protection, the team responsible for security can activate and deactivate the cards if necessary at any time.

Fingerprint access

For installers looking to offer maximum security to their customers, biometric access control systems are the ideal way to offer a plus in this sense. Whereas an ID card and a PIN are susceptible to theft, the fingerprint is unique and non-transferable (the chances of a pattern repeating are at least minimal, almost non-existent).

As in the previous systems, the staff responsible for security can modify user authorizations and cancellations in a matter of seconds. Considering that the average error rate of these systems is around 0.8%, it seems clear that accesses operated by fingerprint identification are a guarantee of success.

Radiofrequency access

The possibility of opening an access/exit door by radiofrequency technology is a great ally for garages, parking areas and similar facilities. Thanks to this system, the identifier and the receiver can be kept at a distance without affecting the smooth running of the system.

Centralized systems

Are you looking for a security system for facilities with multiple access points? Then you need a system with a major control capacity. Centralized access control systems are designed for the management of facilities with different entries that require the use of specific functions, such as restrictions depending on visitor capacity or specific time limits. They give access only to the doors authorized in a previously set schedule. In addition, the centralized system can have an event log both online and off.

Combined systems

Combined access control systems are designed for the management of community facilities and to provide greater security. In addition to having to present the user identifier, a keypad PIN code is requested, so that if that code is not associated with the identifier, access is not allowed. In other words, if a user loses their identifier, anyone who finds it cannot make use of it. The PIN code obligation can be implemented during a given schedule or 24 hours a day. An example of a combined system is as follows: Proximity + PIN code and fingerprint + PIN code.

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In view of the above, any of these access controls is a wise choice to bolster the security of companies and residential, industrial or commercial facilities and so avoid unexpected surprises.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact Fermax and its team of Access Control specialists, backed by half a century of experience in this competitive sector.

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