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Electronic Access Control Systems

Almost every office and home is secured with a key and a lock. Most people have a key chain to support them keep track of these vital symbols of new society. Office keys, house keys, car keys and several garage keys generally rattle around in most people’s purses or pockets.

Even though key and lock mechanisms incorporate many new security specs they are still susceptible to being stolen, lost or copied. Another inborn weakness in keys and locks is that anyone with a key can enter your building any time you want.

Take back those keys! A perfectly deployed ACT electronic access control system will permit you to safe your facility and deter crimes by restricting access to authorized personnel and separating public from private places.

The properties of electronic access control system vary largely. They range from one door stand alone system that you program through a keypad, to medium sized mechanical based systems, to the top of the line “enterprise” system that have the capability to communicate control 1000s of card readers on multiple continents.

Electronic access control systems have some extremely general things in common. Each of them will permit you to control who goes where and when in your facility by needing the presentation of a special credential at a PIN pad or Card Reader and they can set up to give you a report of which has entered your building.

There are several producers that provide one to four door solutions that are programmed via a remote or a keypad package and software. Some of the higher end burglar alarm systems can also manage access on up to four doors.

These little systems provide completely controlled access to individuals based on the door, the time and the date. Some of them permit you to hook up a form feed dot matrix printer directly to the controller in order to obtain reports. Most of these systems are restricted to less than four doors and a couple of 100 credentials/users.

Most people who use the 1-4 door systems will generally program cards to work twenty-four hours a day because it can be hard and time wasting to manage different time group or restrict an individual’s access.

Lower to mid range PC based solutions can be offered that control access on one to thirty-two doors of access. System in this range can offer controlled access to several 100 users. They are a best choice if your intention is to permit keyless entry on a restricted number of door at a single place and run limited reports.

Most automatic access controls systems in the low to mid range are window based program applications that use MSDE or other off shelf database program; so the reporting specs are fairly restricted.

There are literally dozens of producers flooding the little to mid range market and their offerings vary largely. You would be wise to perform some due diligence and ask for domestic references from any vendor that you may be considering.

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