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How Access Control Benefits your Organization’s Security

Businesses with fewer than 100 employees tend to be the most vulnerable when it comes to internal theft, and workplace violence. When you consider the internal threat and also the external threats of would be thieves and vandals the security risks for a small business rise dramatically.

Access control systems are one of the easiest, and most cost effective solutions to reducing security risk at your plant, office or site. The system also gives you greater control over your business, by controlling who is coming and going; and reduces your security risks instantly.

The access control system can prevent unauthorized persons from entering your building or certain areas that are restricted. You can also restrict employees and customers from certain areas that may contain high value items, secure data, or even office supplies.

The access system is under your control, so different tier employees can have their own level of access. This adds more layers to your security as well, by only allowing the trusted person(s) to obtain items for an employee who may be temporary or seasonal whom which you do not know.

By limiting access you are reducing overall traffic, therefore reducing risk of loss and violence.

Violence is another major security concern for organizations, schools, and churches. Simply preventing guest access to all entryways except a “guest services” center will prevent any unauthorized individual from entering the organization. Each person who is enrolled or enlisted with the organization would have a Key Fob or other Access device to enter areas they are permitted.

Access Control can reduce your business or organization’s security risks drastically, so if you feel uneasy ask why your location has not considered Access Control and tell them it’s a cost effective way to keep you safe!

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